Find critical bugs in your code, with the click of a button.

Built for developers, Muse catches performance, reliability, and security errors when they’re easiest to fix, during code review.

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Meet Muse

Muse is a Continuous Assurance Platform that automatically analyzes each pull request, and reports critical security, performance, and reliability bugs within the developer workflow, as comments in code review.

Ready to go with the click of a button.
(yes, really).

Code Analysis shouldn’t slow you down. That’s why Muse comes pre-configured with 15+ analyzers and integrates seamlessly with GitHub, so you can analyze code without the hassle.

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Built for Developers, Designed for Collaboration

Imagine a place where Developers and Security teams co-exist peacefully.
We built that.

The Muse Platform is designed to reduce friction and align your team with a workflow that’s built into GitHub.

Get complete code coverage with our pre-configured and fully extensible platform.

Muse is an open and extensible platform that runs a growing set of pre-configured analysis tools, designed to catch real bugs without the noise.

We're adding new tools every month (reach out and suggest one) and our BYO API allows you to bring your own tools to run on the Muse Platform.

Install Muse on GitHub and see what bugs are hiding in your code.

Muse is free for everyone during our Early Access (and forever on public repos).

Curious to learn more about how Muse works? Check out our features, ever-growing toolset, and discover how you can up-level your code with our fully integrated platform.

And if you're looking for a self-hosted solution to run on your infrastructure, click here to learn about our MuseEnterprise private beta.

Upgrade your QA and Security Process.
The future of development is built on DevOps, and code quality and security shouldn't be left behind. Give your developers best-in-class analysis without interrupting their flow.
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