Continuous Assurance,
Built for DevOps

Meet Muse, a code analysis platform designed for Developers. Using a built-in workflow, Muse makes it easy for Security and Developer teams to work together, so you can spend time fixing bugs, not finding them.

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How it works

Integrating Continuous Analysis doesn't have to be a nightmare.

Analyzes Code for a Broad Range of Bug Types

Muse looks for bugs across performance, reliability, security, and style & standards error classes, so you can focus on important fixes.

Delivers Results in the Developer Workflow.

Muse delivers results in code review, so Developers can get the information they need right when they need it.

Seamless Sync

Any update on your tasks will be instantly synced through all your devices, no extra work needed.

Smart Tags

Smartly categorize your new or current tasks with tags to keep all your work organized.

On-point Notifications

Receive smart notifications about tasks expiring soon, or by any other custom trigger you need.

Powerful Automation

Don't work over and over again, take advantage of all our automation features to make your work easier.

Multiple Views

View your tasks in List, Board or Timeline view, depending on what’s better for your project.

100% Customizable

Thanks to our custom fields, you can customize Apps to be perfectly tailored to your needs.

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Continuous Assurance:
Bringing Static Analysis into Modern DevOps
John Carter
VP of Sales at Google

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See how Continuous Assurance can improve your DevOps Workflow.

Muse is easy to install and is up and running in just a few minutes. It runs in the background at every pull request, delivering results when you need them.

Ready to integrate Continuous Assurance into your DevOps process?

Install Muse on GitHub and try it on your public or private repos.

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Muse is free forever on your public repos. And for a limited time, try MusePro on your private repos for free!

MuseFree & MusePro

Muse Enterprise

Muse Enterprise is in private beta. Explore how Muse can improve your DevOps workflow for your whole team.

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