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Muse is a Continuous Assurance platform built for developers that finds critical bugs in code as part of the development process. It installs as a GitHub app in minutes, automatically analyzing each pull request and delivering bug reports as comments in code review.

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Muse takes a new approach to code analysis by bringing together the best analysis tools into a single pipeline, enabling teams to catch a broad range of security, performance reliability, and style bugs across a wide variety of languages.

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Performance & Reliability

Data races, null dereferences, memory leaks are just a few of the bugs that can cause an application to perform poorly or crash altogether. Muse leverages advanced techniques like separation logic and bi-abduction to perform deep analysis across massive code bases in minutes.


In addition to preventing reliability bugs that can be exploited to crash systems or bypass security logic, Muse can help prevent SQL injections, XSS injections, buffer overflows and more.

Style & Standards

Whether you’re trying to confirm to your company’s coding styles, or maintain compliance with external standards, Muse can help. Muse runs a variety of listing tools covering most major language to make it easy to catch deviations from styles and standards.


All your favorite anaylzers, pre-configured.

Muse automatically pre-configure and runs 15+ open source analysis tools, with more added every month.

It's easy to get started

Step 1 : Install

Muse installs as a GitHub App and automatically configures the tools for your project.

Step 2 : Discover Bugs

Login to the console to see what bugs Muse finds in your repos.

Step 3 : Smash Bugs

Muse automatically reports new bugs in each PR so you don't have to worry about any slipping through.


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